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Modulift MOD 110

Modulift MOD 110

1 (800) 461-1847

Up to 110t at 11m/38'
Up to 16m/52' at a lower capacity


  • Lightweight: The Modulift Design is optimised to provide lightweight Spreader Beams - keeping the weight of the Rigging down can help optimise your crane selection, particularly at a large working radius.
  • Portable: A Spreader Beam that is dismantled can be transported easily – the maximum length struts are usually under 6 metres (20ft). Many of the smaller sizes have components that are light enough to be handled by one person.
  • Custom Options: From custom-length Struts, to custom designed Lifting Rigs – our team of experienced engineers are here to help.
  • Versatile: One Spreader Beam can be re-assembled and used at many different possible spans.
  • Economical: Spreader Beams can be used over and over again for years, for all sorts of applications.
  • Quick Ship: Many sizes dispatched next day at many locations worldwide.