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Maxi Jolly Chain

Maxi Jolly Chain

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Cutting seam-welded, spiral-welded or out-of-round pipe is no challenge for the Maxi Chain Machine because of its unique out-of-round device that follows the contour of the pipe. The Maxi is recommended for cutting a wide range of large diameter pipe and is a precision machine designed for maximum cutting versatility. The combination of the Maxi Chain Machine's three (3) wheel positioning and triple-width chain makes it the most accurate chain driven cutting and beveling machine on the market today. The Maxi Chain Machine, which cuts pipe diameters from 4" (102mm) and up is designed to provide many years of service.


  • MOST ACCURATE of the chain machines because of its triple-width chain.
  • Out-of-round compensating device can be moved to any point on the torch arm.¬†
  • VERSATILE‚ÄĒRegardless of whether it's round or out-of- round, this machine can be used to accurately cut seam welded, spiral welded and API Line Pipe.
  • The rack adjustable torch support allows the torch to pierce pipe away from the cut line and then to move to the cut line reducing notching.
  • WILL CUT VERTICAL pipe or vessels 18" (457mm) and larger when used with the guide strips.
  • Up to 50% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.