Equipment Corps has over 35 years of experience supplying the construction field with industrial tool rentals and sales, we also sell equipment at economical rates. At every project phase we provide the tools to complete your project successfully. From chain falls and hoists, to magnetically based drills, to lifting magnets, our vast stock gets you to those project milestones.

One of the biggest tasks on a construction site is hoisting equipment or materials. Two brands we recommend for high-performance use are Kito and Coffing. You want quality assurance and performance tested hoists, well, these two product lines deliver both. We have a variety of electric chain fall hoists, whether you need single or dual speed, a hook mounted or trolley type hoist, our inventory knows no bounds.

If you require reliable, durable electric and pneumatic tools, we only carry CS Unitec tools. They manufacture top-notch equipment for the cutting of metal, pipe, and concrete. Their lightweight lines and high level of performance produces ideal results. We have blades for cutting steel, chrome, aluminum, iron, concrete, as well as other construction materials. You also have your choice of power needs including electric, hydraulic and pneumatic.

Equipment Corps partners with industry leading brands, such as Unibor and more, that perform time and again, so you can concentrate on delivering to your clients. Contact our sales department by calling toll-free at 800-461-1847 or emailing us at now!